Australia House Ensemble

A Message from Australia House Ensemble:

10th January 2022

Dear Friends and Supporters of AHE,

All good wishes for 2022- though the start is proving to be somewhat challenging due to the increase of Omicron and the uncertainty surrounding it.

It is with great reluctance that the Australia House Ensemble have made the decision to postpone the upcoming concert on January 19th at Australia House. The Australian High Commission have cancelled all January events to help stem the tide of the spread of Omicron. We considered finding an alternative venue but have decided that the better option is to postpone the concert until plans can be made with more certainty and we all feel able to move about more freely. Given the persistently high numbers of Omicron emerging daily and predicted to peak in about 10 days’ time, it seemed postponement was the better course of action.

We will hold your booking and let you know once we have a confirmed date. If you would prefer to cancel your ticket(s) we can arrange an immediate refund. Please write to us at office@australiahouse-ensemble.com

We will offer a new date as soon as possible. As the Ensemble members play with the various leading London orchestras, they understandably have a busy schedule!

The Ensemble look forward to seeing you at our next concert.

With all good wishes


Dr Margaret Mayston AM, AHE Founder

James Hancock, AHE Operational Manager

Rebecca Chan, AHE Lead, and all the wonderful AHE musicians: Naoko Keatley, Morgan Goff, Pei-Jee Ng and Hugh Kluger.


Wednesday 19th January 2022

6.15pm for 7pm

Australian High Commission

Kats-Chernin (quintet)Moody Tango

Hindson (violin duo)Little Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy

Schubert (quintet)String quintet in C major

Macpherson (quintet)Waltzing Matilda arr. Chen

Rebecca Chan (Violin; Lead)

Naoko Keatley (Violin)

Morgan Goff (Viola)

Pei-Jee Ng (Cello)

Hugh Kluger (Double-bass)

About the Australia House Ensemble

Australian musicians travel to Australia each year to perform in the Australian World Orchestra (AWO) and the Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO) and highly value and enjoy the opportunity to perform with fellow Australians. This is an opportunity for London/UK based musicians to have a similar experience in the place where they are living and working.

The ensemble aspires to be a world-class ensemble featuring the finest Australian musicians in London, UK and worldwide, named the “Australia House Ensemble. This ensemble will be a flagship for Australian musical excellence of which it is hoped Australia will be proud.

Listen to ‘This House’ recorded at our inaugural concert at Australia House in 2019 click here